IT Services

We will provide you with the essential products needed to complete your IT system. Our in-house inventory of computers, monitors, printers and thousands of various IT parts and accessories will help facilitate expeditious repair and replacement of IT hardware to resolve any issues your system may exhibit.

IT Maintenance

Providing support to your MIS system, and helping you resolve any problem you face with your system. And for that, we have set up a wide range of services such as IT Support Services,
Help Desk Support, Remote Support, Online privacy and security services,  Onsite Support, Remote Monitoring and Management Tools, live phone support, and many other services that help you manage and resolve any issues that your system might have.

Company Support

SPC Networks will evaluate your operation, assess your current needs, propose different solutions to assist and sustain your ultimate goal and install a complete support system or MIS for your specific business environment. Your eventual IT managed system will then be continuously administered and managed by experienced IT technicians.